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Functions of Shanghai Pudong New Area Education Bureau

1¡¢Implement the principles, policies, laws and regulations concerning education and physical education work. With the actual situation in the new district, developing and implementing the annual plan, specific implementation measures and relevant supplementary provisions.

2.¡¢based on the plan of the overall development and national economies in the new district; Help the local districts and towns keep a balance between the education and the plan of development in sports. Join the plan-making in the new district, and ma-king and reviewing of the plans regarding development of each residence community in developing, streets and towns.

3¡¢Coordinated with the relevant departments, co-ordinate, plan, lead and manage the development of education and sports in the new district.

4¡¢Plan and manage the pre-school education, basic education, vocational education, lifelong education in this district overall. Plan and instruct comprehensive change of education, promote balanced development of compulsory education, advance the fairness of education.

5¡¢Instruct the work in politics, moral education, physical health, gardening education and national defense education among schools of different kinds in this district, instruct the environmental governance and security work around schools.

6¡¢coordinate and instruct the construction work, in which the center is job morality ,among the teachers and administrators of different kinds. Manage the confirming of quality to be a teacher,and coordinate the employment of the people regarding the related techniques . Coordinate and manage the recruitment and school census.

7¡¢instruct and check the work in sports all round the district, enhance implementing the health beauty plans among the people, instruct and start sports among people, coordinate and plane the deployment and set of the competitive sports programs in local,and instruct and coordinate the work in competitive sports.

8. To guide adolescents¡¯ physical education and enhance the integration of sports activities and physical education; study and guide the fostering of excellent athletes; intensify the ideological and political education of sports athletes.

9. To organize scientific studies of education and sports undertakings of Pudong; summarize and spread working experience of education and sports undertakings in Pudong.

10. To examine, approve and issue education and sports related administrative license; participate in the joint examination of relevant social undertakings.

11. To take charge of relevant work of related administrative reconsideration and litigation.

12. To undertake other jobs assigned by Pudong New Area People¡¯s Government.

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